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For many years, Lions who are Amateur Ham Radio operators have operated or participated in the Lions Hunting in the Air contest.  In celebration of Melvin Jones, the contest is usually run on a weekend near January 13th, which is our founder's birthday.

In order to assist other Lions that are operating this project, we are building a database of Lions who are also Amateur (Ham) Radio Volunteers. This will help everyone to learn about the annual Ham Radio contest, "Hunting Lions in the Air" as well as bring awareness to other Lions in the world about this service. Please email me at with the following information:

Lion/Lioness/Leo's Name ___________________________
Amateur (Ham) callsign ___________________________
Lions Club name, club number, district  ___________________________
Full postal address ___________________________
Phone ___________________________
Email address ___________________________
Active on HF/VHF/UHF ___________________________
Mode Voice/CW/Digital ___________________________

Amateur (Ham) Radio operators all over the world have communication, electronics, propagation as their personal hobby and the have been serving people especially during the Disasters by providing Emergency Communication linking the much needed communication when normal telecommunication fails. Just imagine what will you do when the fixed landline, mobile (cell) phones fail – these Hams would be able to communicate from such locations to any part of the world – FREE OF COST !!! so now think of making them your friends, if not your members so that making mutual friends with your local Amateur (Ham) Radio licensees and build/utilize their resources – a modest example is very unique project – Lions Amateur Radio Club Station done by Lions Club of Bangalore North (Club # 026596 District 324-D6) which has not only procured equipment but have few Hams as Lions Club members, where the HF sets are sent with First Responders to Disaster Site and the same equipment is retrieved back after the calamity otherwise the sets are used in Special Event Stations operating much more unique events such as Operating from Lighthouse, Conference, Wildlife Park, Historical/Religious place etc making our own call sign VU2LCI denoting Lions Clubs International Amateur Radio Club Station internationally active do check (instead of AT6MM add AT8LH, AT8ESP, AT7CD, AT7LEO). The following information of Hunting Lions in the Air Contest – HLITA which is a yearly event and a reason for you to contact local individual or club station who are licensed in Amateur (Ham) Radio. Do visit and/or search for Ham Radio operators (individuals) or their club stations monthly meeting and request them to represent your local Lions Club.

Let us join and make Melvin Jones Birthday celebrations this unique way.

This Ham Radio subject/activity comes under International Understanding & Co-operation, Disaster Management, Youth as well as Lions ALERT Program and it can be included under Leo's and Lioness Programs.



The39th Annual Hunting Lions in the Air contest will take place on theweekend of January 9th and 10th, 2010.


"Tocreate and foster a spirit of International understanding and cooperation"among Radio Amateurs (Hams) and Lions through worldwide radio communication andinternet.. The contest is to commemorate the birthday of the founder of Lionism,Melvin Jones, born at Ft. Thomas, Arizona USA on January 13, 1879.


Thecontest period will be 48 hours and will run from midnight UTC Friday/Saturdayto midnight UTC Sunday/Monday. UTC = Universal Time Co-Ordinate (Zulu Time)


Thecontest is open to all appropriately licensed Amateur (Ham) Radio Licencees,Short Wave Listeners (SWLs) and Internet Users as follows:

Class1 Contestantsare Amateur (Ham) Radio Licencees who are also current members of Lions Club(Leo and Lioness Club included) - Individuals

Class2 contestantsare (Ham) radio amateurs operating on behalf of a Lions, Lioness or Leo Club andwho are not members of Lions,  Leoor Lioness Clubs

Class3 contestants are not Amateur (Ham) Radio or SWLLicencees but are current members of Lions / Leo / Lioness Club who are takingpart on internet using different chat utilities as described separately

Thefollowing categories will be permitted in each class:

ASingle Operator, All Bands, Single Transmitter,

BMulti Operator, All Bands, Single Transmitter,

CLicenced Short Wave Listener (SWL)

DInternet user


BANDS:160, 80, 40,20, 15 and 10 meters as permitted by respective country of the contestant. 


Pleasenote that this is a single competition and that there will not be separateplaces for the other modes.

CONTACTS:No duplicate contacts with same station and Lions Club is allowed, irrespectiveof bands, modes, class or category of station.


TheSSB call should be "CQ Hunting Lions on the Air" or “CQHunting Lions” and the CW/Digital/Internet call be "CQ LIONS".


TransmitRS(T) plus a serial number. Amateur (Ham) Radio licencees operating on behalf ofa Lions, Leo or Lioness Club must transmit the operator’s name, Lions ClubName, Number and Lions District Number and Web/Email Address if any, Where asthe Internet user except for RST all other details as above should be logged


One(1) point  - each QSO with LionsClub Member or Lions Club in Category 1

Five(5) extra points - each new country where contact is made (excluding the countryof the contestant)

Twenty-five(25) extra points - for contacts made with VU2LCI (Not for Indian Stations toremove the ease of QSO Points)


SWL’swill score one point for each Lions Club Station heard exchanging reports andadditional 5 points for an exchange between two stations of different uniquecountries. (Example If SWL is from India and he logs South Africa and India, South Africa and Sri Lanka, South Africa with New Zealand Additional 5 points is for only 3 countries and not 4)

9.Additional Bonus Points for Many Lion Hams of same club

IfAmateur (Ham) Radio Club Station owned by Lions Clubwith its own callsign additional 10 points for every Lion Ham valid member ofthe same Lions Club. 


Toobtain the final score, multiply the “QSO points” by “the number ofdifferent Clubs worked”.


Thefollowing details are to be logged:

Date,Time (UTC), RST Sent and Received, the Amateur Station worked and Band.Additionally, if contact is made with a Lion, Leo or Lioness Club (Class 1) ,the Operator’s name, Club name, Number, and Lions District number,Email/Web address (if any) of the station contacted must be included on thestation log sheet.

SWLlogs should, in addition to the above, include the call signs of bothstations heard and the sent and received exchanges of each station.This information should be recorded once only for each QSO heard Including theLions Club details as above

Date,Time (UTC), RST Sent and Received, the Amateur Station worked and Band.Additionally, if contact is made with a Lion, Leo or Lioness Club (Class ), theOperator’s name, Club name, Number, and Lions District number, Email/Webaddress (if any) of the Lions Club on the other side of the contact.

ContestLogs can be sent by email to or by Floppy 3.5, Compact Disk tothe Contest Manager. Files may be in Excel, or in ASCII format with one QSO onevery new line. Fields separated by commas or delimiters, The information shallbe set out and tabulated in the same format as the official Log (seeappendices). Each QSO must be terminated by a carriage return. Only MS-DOScompatible disks will be accepted. However Three (3) International Reply CouponIRCs have to be sent for the logs to be compiled before results are announcedand for receiving participation certificates

NB!A written summary sheet must accompany the disk showing all required scoringinformation as well as your name, postal address, FAX number and/or email whereyou can be reached.As email is rapidly becoming the most convenient mode of communication, thismode is preferred, however do not forget to send 3 IRCs before last date.



Logsthat do not comply with the foregoing requirements will not be considered andwill be rejected. Radio amateurs are expected to operate within the rules oftheir respective licenses and unsportsmanlike activity is to be discouraged.Actions and decisions of the Contest Committee are official and final.


Alllogs must be mailed to reach the co-coordinator and envelopes must be datestamped no later than 28 February along with 3 New Format International ReplyCoupon (IRC) –

TheHLITA Contest Committee

LionsClub of Bangalore North (Dist 324-D6 Club # 026596)

/OLion Ajoy - VU2JHM,

#9/1, Kshitija, Opp Big Bazaar, 5-Cross,


INDIA. Telephone +91-80-23442600


TheContest Committee will communicate the results to the co-coordinating Lions cluband a final report will be submitted to the District Governor 324D6 and 324D1offices before June 30 same year. Winners will be advised by mail and a listingwill be posted on the Internet with copies to various contest managers/sites


Thefirst Ten places in category A, B, C and D will receive Award Certificates andmementos for first Three (depending on sponsorer). Participation Certificate toall participants who have submitted contest log with minimum 20 QSO and who havesent 3 New format International Reply Coupons IRCs with the contest log sheetIndian Hams to send sufficient postage stamps for Registered Speed Post.



TheLions International Amateur (Ham) Radio Club - VU2LCI which is permanent project of Lions Club of Bangalore North willmake best effort to promote and publicize the contest internationally via theLion Net, the web pages, through amateur radio Club Station, magazines andamateur radio nets. Request for volunteer assistance in publicizing this eventamongst Hams and Lions is solicitated. Questions regarding the interpretation ofthese rules will be judged and resolved by the Contest Committee.


Operatorsinterested in additional information regarding this contest should write to theContest Committee at the above address giving their full postal address with OneIRC for airmail reply or no IRC required for reply via email

17.SpecialInstructions for Lions using Internet Chat

Lionsall over the world meet at LOL - Lions on Line Chat which is on every Sundaysbetween 13:30 to 14:30 hrs UTC. The same channel can be used for exchange ofreports on Weekend of January 12th and 13th plus there are open channels on IRC,Yahoo, Orkut, Skype, MSN messenger which can be used. The Location of the ChatRoom can be accessed using XiRCON connect to: Channel:#lionsonline. The Amateur (Ham) Radio operators can use the Echolink both voiceand text for qso.

VersionDec 2009